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FOR COMM REQUESTS:Contact me on discord with muffimuffy .

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Hello, I'm Muffy!
I greatly enjoy rigging and drawing.
I'm 20+ years old, I also am a vtuber known as SakiNyan where I stream rigging at!
I don't have much to say here so if I have anything ill include it!

Terms of Service

Please Read My TOS Thoroughly. Everything is set and final.PLEASE be aware I'm not responsible for the actions of people who commissioned a rig from me. Once the model is handed over and tos is not broken, it is not my business what they do afterward.

  1. Changes up to 3-4 (excluding once i notice when testing) Any more will be charged depending on how much will need fixing.

  2. NDA( Non-Disclosure Agreement) Is 5% of the total price.

  3. Changes must be put into bullet points for easier reading and understanding on my end.

  4. Review your psd incase anything is missing.

  5. All Prices are set.

  6. You are agreeing this is digital content by commissioning me. There is no physical item ever being sent.

  7. You MUST be 18 years or older to commission, I will do no business with anyone under 18.

  8. Paypal invoicing only. No cryptocurrency.

  9. I do not allow any use of selling my rigs or art as N F T s.

  10. Discuss with me if you have any plans to resell. If theres no discussion, then i wont allow a resell.

  11. Please Credit me as the rigger. Only as Muffimuffy or Muffy, nothing else please.

  12. No Chargebacks. Once work has been started. Payment is not made right away, so do not worry if you are just waiting for your turn.

  13. If I have no response within a week of the model being completed, i reserve the rights to call it finished.

  14. (updated 11/26/2022 )

  • I only use paypal invoice.

  • I prefer cutesy/feminine models, masculine models can take longer.

  • I work Monday to Friday. I take Sunday and Saturday off.

  • **If you have a Kinnimin,Ririchi_NEET or Hemmmlock model that needs rigging, feel free to contact me anytime. I've worked with these artists often. **

  • If you have a model rigged by me and need any fixes or add ons, please tell me. I will add you to the trello.

  • Please refer to Faf's cutting guide HERE if you need any cutting help.

  • I heavily advise never manually raising the physics setting within vtube studio. There will be errors and I can't fix them.

Rig TypeInfoPrice
ChibiSmall chibi model. Small body, big head. Head and body X,Y,Z Movement.$450usd
Semi-ChibiStandard body, smaller than average model. Head and body X,Y,Z Movement. (May be phased out and replaced with a budget tier or Price may end up changing.)$550usd
BasicShoulder up. Only Head X and Z Movement. No Expressions included.$650usd
HalfBodyWaist up. Head and body X,Y,Z Movement. Includes 2 expressions.$850usd
FullBodyFull body. Head and body X,Y,Z Movement. Includes 4 expressions, 1 Pose.$1,350usd
AnimationsWing, Idle, Body animation.$65+usd
Mascot CharacterFor characters/animals/etc that are attached to your model.$75+usd
TogglesEx. Hair, Ear(cat/dog/etc), Tongue, Cheek.$55usd
OutfitsA whole new outfit, different from your base outfit.$450+usd
ExpressionsEx. Sad, Happy, Frown.$55usd
PosesEx. Arm on hip, holding item.$75usd
Rig UpgradeUpgrading to a Half or Full body rig.ASK
Model OverhaulUpdate your models movement, physics or anything else. Price is based after I rig everything up unless stated otherwise.ASK
IllustrationsAlready Drawn art that will be animated in Live2D.$350+usd
Animated EmotesAlready drawn emotes animated in Live2D. Price will be changed soon to include more emotes in a package.1x$50usd
Additional CostsInfoPrice
Rush OrderVia Rig type50% of rig type
Agency/CompanyProfessional/NDA Projects35% of total cost

This is an example of the placements of bust, half and full body for a clearer image.This also applies to the model+rig package.Bust: Shoulder Up.
Half: Hip/Leg Joints Up.
Full: The whole model.

Live2D Model+Rigging Package.

Live2d Model+Rigging Package
A Live2d Model, Drawn and Rigged by me.
Live2d BustUpArt: TBD
Live2d HalfBody Art: TBD
Live2D FullBody Art: $850usd

Rigging: Only Half or Full listed in Rig Prices!

Status: OPEN

Models Shown


1. When do you open?
_1a. I never have a set date. I update on my twitter, so please keep an eye out there.
2. Can you do XYZ thing?
_ I usually can. It always best to try new things!
3. How long does it take to rig a model?
_ I don't ever give out a set length since each model takes their own time. 1-2 weeks is the rough timeline for rigging time.
4. Do you rig Small Animal/creatures/etc?
_ Yes I can. They get special pricing since each one is different.
5. Can i come back for updates if i commissioned you before?
_ Yes you can.
More to be added as needed.

Models I've Rigged!

They are in no order, please click the icon for go to they're page.
Please note, not all models are here.